Redefining Sales & Marketing

Manage sales leads. Reach out to partners. Receive sales alerts. Kick off an email campaign. Combined with unparalleled design quality, CustomerManager will change the way you work. 



CustomerManager is the ideal platform to quickly and accurately communicate with prospects, partners, and customers.  Automated, multi-media drip campaigns consistently enhance lead conversions and customer & partner loyalty.  Campaigns can be initiated by loan officers, corporate administrators or corporate & third-party feeds (such as credit bureaus and lead providers).


Compliant marketing and sales initiatives are paramount in today’s ever-intensifying regulatory environment. CustomerManager delivers unprecedented flexibility to adapt to change and to ensure that policies and procedures are rigorously enforced:

  • Site access limited to loan officers with NMLS licensing;
  • Marketing order deployment prevented when contacts are flagged for do-not-email, do-not-call or do-not-mail;

Dynamic text fields allow for expansive disclosures (and the incorporation of up to five loan officer/corporate licensing fields).


CustomerManager delivers exceptional CRM capabilities – and that’s just the beginning.  Loan officers and executives rely on this platform to manage leads, partners, recruits, and intricate business-line management initiatives.


With automatic data feeds of loan activity (and recordings of calls, email, marketing activity, notes, and calendar histories) – organizations thrive as loan officers across the enterprise steadily increase production by steadily implementing and fine-tuning high-impact marketing methodologies.

Marketing Store

The marketing store provides a single repository for ever-expanding and compliant direct mail, email, newsletters, gifts, and printed collateral.  Loan officers can choose from one-off communications to multi-touch campaigns for any contact type.  Additionally, every budget can be met based on multi-tiered price points and payment methods.


Based on five-layer, hierarchical access, CustomerManager delivers reporting on all facets of marketing activity, leads, loans, campaigns, and system usage.  Reporting views offer drill downs from company-wide, divisional, regional, branch, and loan officer levels. Users can also deploy campaigns based on reporting results with exceptional simplicity.


Customers are valuable assets – treat them that way.  We lead the industry with unparalleled customer retention solutions. Programs can consist of multi-media communications (including customer satisfaction surveys and integrated referral submission capabilities) as well as a wide range of closing gifts. A high-impact retention methodology steadily substantiates repeat and referral business across the enterprise.

Sales Management

CustomerManager delivers best practices in lead management & marketing unlike any other solution in the mortgage industry. Leads can be delivered to the system via:

  • Corporate marketing feeds
  • System uploads
  • Central administrator assignment
  • Loan officer entry

Each lead type can have its own methodology and sales cycle for loan officers to follow. All interactions are recorded in the system, and each sales step is marked in the loan officer’s calendar for easier day-to-day planning. Lead campaigns can also be automatically integrated with direct mail and email programs, significantly increasing capture rates.



CustomerManager delivers substantial value across the enterprise.  Major banks and mortgage companies rely on us for ongoing success.


Mortgage Focus

CustomerManager is a vertical-specific solution for retail banking.  Our singular focus & leadership allows us to deliver best-in-class technology, methodologies, and service.  For 10 years and counting, we thrive by combining expertise and innovation with ongoing client-driven initiatives.  

Enterprise Strong

With thousands of users from the biggest banks in the nation, rest assured CustomerManager is scalable and secure.  Key features include a multi-level, user-access hierarchy; compliance controls; training, & development customization; data security; and advanced attestation standards and certifications.


Data Consolidation

CustomerManager provides a database for all contacts and related interactions.  A consolidated view of loans, home equity lines, and other cross-selling opportunities are major components of the dashboard.  Automated intelligent alerts steadily notify users of immediate opportunities to capture new business.

Integrated Fulfillment

Responsive marketing can only be achieved with real-time fulfillment.   Integrated email, print, gift, and direct mail services occur in our world-class production facility.  Integrated fulfillment allows you to benefit from the time-sensitive delivery of communications across the enterprise.


Lead Management

Whether sourcing from third parties or manually uploading spreadsheets, leads can be deployed across the enterprise (while simultaneously incorporating call, email, and direct mail campaigns).  For each lead source, custom SLAs are created and mapped (including telephone scripts for maximum impact and compliance).

Audit & Risk

CustomerManager eliminates the need for multiple third-party relationships (and the inherent risks & audits that go along with it).  Reducing third-party access to data is a worthy objective.  Gone are the days of multiple lead management, CRM, email, print, gift, and direct mail vendors.  We adhere to the most rigorous attestation standards and certifications in the industry.


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