Top 20 Mortgage Lender has successful launch of its private-label MarketingCentral service to over 700 users...

July 21, 2014

Top 20 Lender Selects LoyaltyExpress MarketingCentral

WOBURN, MA, July 21, 2014 /PR Newswire/ – LoyaltyExpress, the mortgage industry’s leading marketing company, today announced a new Top 20 Mortgage Lender client and the successful launch of its private-label MarketingCentral service to over 700 users. MarketingCentral is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that provides a centralized repository for sales flyers, rate sheets, corporate brochures, sales presentations, advertisements, corporate-branded gifts, and much more.  As part of the service, banks and lenders receive world-class design and content creation from an established team that has more than a decade of mortgage industry experience – while also increasing time-to-market by eliminating manual tasks that weigh heavily on marketing departments.

This particular lender’s brand is exceptionally intricate and demanding with multiple layers of design elements.  For example, within a single template, LoyaltyExpress is able to deliver 32 different varieties of business cards for their national sales force, including subsidiaries.  Additionally, all flyer types support co-branding functionality for realtor partners (which can be either downloaded as high-resolution PDFs or print ordered from the LoyaltyExpress world-class digital print center).  The MarketingCentral service also delivers automated approval processes for compliance departments to review any designated fields or sections within products and templates for dynamic control.

“We are honored to be named as the vendor of choice for an industry leader that has only been able to rely on elite advertising agencies to satisfy rigorous brand and content requirements,” said Mary Beth Doyle, Founder, LoyaltyExpress.  “After more than a decade of servicing the most admired banks and mortgage companies in the nation, we continuously seek to service organizations that will benefit from our innovative, yet time-tested, approach to mortgage marketing.  Our creative, data, and systems expertise allows us to deliver unparalleled service and solutions with the highest attestation and security standards.  Customer satisfaction levels at LoyaltyExpress are substantial, and we steadily exceed expectations with innovation and advancements across our organization.”

MarketingCentral is available on a subscription basis.  To learn more, call (877) 938.1175 or visit

About LoyaltyExpress

LoyaltyExpress simplifies customer relationship management and marketing automation for mortgage banks and lenders. Its flagship solution, CustomerManager, is an enterprise-wide software-as-a-service platform facilitating lead management, integrated email & direct mail campaigns, a compliant marketing store, and a 360-degree view of each loan officer's customers, partners, and prospects.  LoyaltyExpress eliminates the need for multiple marketing vendors based on its world-class direct mail, print, and gift fulfillment center – saving time and eliminating data security concerns. For more information, visit