Centralized marketing platform pivotal to bank’s aggressive growth plan...

January 9, 2017

Top 20 Lender Deploys MarketingCentral from LoyaltyExpress

WOBURN, Mass., January 9, 2017 – LoyaltyExpress, a provider of marketing automation and cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for mortgage companies and banks, today announced that one of its existing banking clients, a top 20 lender, has deployed MarketingCentral for its retail lending team.  

MarketingCentral delivers the services of multiple vendors – web-based marketing platform, writing & graphic design, email, print, direct mail, and gift fulfillment – in one dynamic solution. It provides loan officers with 24/7 access to compliant and customizable collateral.  All products can be either downloaded as high-resolution PDFs or printed and shipped via the LoyaltyExpress world-class digital print center directly to locations of choice.

“MarketingCentral’s distinctive impact on marketing departments is a game changer,” said Mary Beth Doyle, founder of LoyaltyExpress, the only mortgage marketing company serving as a Top 50 Critical Vendor to a Top 3 global bank. “The daunting, manual processes that typically bog down workflows are now automated with our service.  Corporate subscriptions include concierge-level services for expert content creation and graphic design to further differentiate the value of our solutions. We’re proud to have exceeded customer expectations and to substantiate incremental ROI on a steady basis,”

“The built-in APR and mortgage insurance calculator are extremely valuable components to an already feature-rich service,” said the bank’s vice president of marketing. “In order to meet our aggressive growth strategy to hire 350 additional loan officers in 2017,  best-in-class solutions are essential to attract and retain top talent as well as to gain greater efficiencies with centralized controls and compliance mandates.”

As part of its stringent commitment to client privacy, LoyaltyExpress does not publicly disclose the names of its customer.  MarketingCentral is available as a monthly subscription service for enterprises. To learn more, call (877) 938-1175 or visit www.loyaltyexpress.comwww.loyaltyexpress.com.

About LoyaltyExpress
LoyaltyExpress simplifies CRM and marketing automation for banks and mortgage companies, including one of the top three retail lenders in the nation. Its flagship solution, CustomerManager, is an enterprise-wide, Software-as-a-Service platform that combines lead management, email and direct mail campaigns with a 360-degree view of each loan officer's customers, partners and prospects. The MarketingCentral service delivers a web-based sales collateral store powered by custom content creation and integrated print fulfillment. LoyaltyExpress eliminates the need to share sensitive customer data with multiple vendors and has a team of world-class marketing and branding experts with extensive experience in the mortgage industry. For more information, visit www.loyaltyexpress.com.