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July 20, 2015

National Lender Selects LoyaltyExpress CustomerManager for Enterprise-wide Marketing Automation

WOBURN, Mass., July 20, 2015 – LoyaltyExpress, a leading provider of marketing automation and cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for mortgage companies and banks, today announced a new client has selected CustomerManager as its enterprise-wide CRM and marketing automation platform for its 275 loan officers. Based in the Midwest, the fast-growing national lender will leverage the LoyaltyExpress creative team to deliver custom content that strictly adheres to its comprehensive brand guidelines. Additionally, LoyaltyExpress allows loan officers to enter leads into CustomerManager that will initiate corresponding marketing campaigns. When the time is right, a single click of the mouse will send the qualifying lead to Encompass® for the automatic generation of a loan file.

“Our ability to automate marketing for Encompass® clients, from inquiry to post-closing retention programs, is bringing together the best of both worlds — the leading loan origination system and automation of the highest quality marketing campaigns,” said Mary Beth Doyle, founder of LoyaltyExpress. “More and more organizations are standardizing on LoyaltyExpress as the enterprise-wide solution for quality compliance controls, automation of time-sensitive communications and ease of use throughout all aspects of the lending process.”

LoyaltyExpress is the only mortgage marketing company in the U.S. serving as a Top 50 Critical Vendor to a Top 3 World Bank. Its flagship CustomerManager platform enables lenders to automate marketing from inquiry to prequalification and throughout the entire loan process, including multi-year retention programs for new clients. Complementing CustomerManager, LoyaltyExpress’ MarketingCentral develops and manages messaging, graphic design and image sourcing for highly professional, customized and compliant materials. Additionally, the renowned LoyaltyExpress Client Services Team provides concierge levels of support for each and every user.

As part of its stringent commitment to client privacy, LoyaltyExpress does not publicly reveal customer names. To learn more, call (877)938.1175 or visit
About LoyaltyExpress

LoyaltyExpress simplifies CRM and marketing automation for banks and mortgage companies, including one of the top three retail lenders in the nation. Its flagship solution, CustomerManager, is an enterprise-wide, Software-as-a-Service platform that combines lead management, email and direct-mail campaigns with a 360-degree view of each loan officer's customers, partners and prospects. Its MarketingCentral service delivers a web-based, sales collateral store powered by custom content creation and integrated print fulfillment. LoyaltyExpress eliminates the need to share sensitive customer data with multiple vendors and has a team of world-class marketing and branding experts with extensive experience in the mortgage industry. For more information, visit