LoyaltyExpress Upholds FSC, SFI & PEFC Certifications

February 10, 2012

LoyaltyExpress Upholds FSC Certification

LoyaltyExpress Upholds FSC, SFI & PEFC Certifications

WOBURN, MA, February 10, 2012 /PR Newswire/ -- LoyaltyExpress, the leading mortgage marketing company in the nation, is proud to announce continued compliance for its Chain-of-Custody (CoC) certification, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).  This certification is the leading standard promoting sustainable forestry management.

For five years and counting, LoyaltyExpress has met rigorous demands for certified CoC compliance, with the most recent 2012, mandated audit governed by Bureau Veritas – an accredited third-party verification firm.  “LoyaltyExpress continues to lead the mortgage-marketing industry with exceptional standards for quality and value,” said LoyaltyExpress Founder, Mary Beth Doyle.   “Our clients rely on the best marketing service in the United States, coupled with strict environmental standards.  Being diligent in our methodology to adhere to the most demanding rigors across multi-media marketing is a core objective and differentiator at LoyaltyExpress.”

Importantly, CoC certification is reinforcement to LoyaltyExpress clients (and theirs) that printed materials are produced with wood sourced from properly managed forests.  Executives and loan officers across the nation benefit from working with LoyaltyExpress by increasing their own environmental standards.  All printed products manufactured at LoyaltyExpress are monitored for the paper type used in production – with the majority labeled with the FSC logo.  “In today’s competitive and transparent world, our clients recognize that the ever-increasing environmental sensitivity and intelligence from consumers requires businesses to promote more diligent standards,” continued Doyle.  “We are proud to empower our nationwide customer base with the best of both worlds:  high-quality and environmentally-efficient marketing.”

About LoyaltyExpress

LoyaltyExpress simplifies customer relationship management and marketing automation for mortgage banks and lenders. Its flagship solution, CustomerManager, is an enterprise-wide software-as-a-service platform that facilitates lead management, integrated email & direct mail campaigns, a compliant marketing store, and a 360-degree view of each loan officer's customers, partners, and prospects.  LoyaltyExpress eliminates the need for multiple marketing vendors based on its world-class direct mail, print, and gift fulfillment center – saving time and eliminating data security concerns.  Visit www.loyaltyexpress.com for more information.